Welcome to Edgerunner's Development Corner!

Welcome! This is my little corner of the internet, an open forum to discuss the various projects I work on. Primarily I hope for it to be a community hub for HEXTERMINATE as it grows as an open source project.

If you have questions or thoughts about HEXTERMINATE or one of my other projects, feel free to create a topic. Lets create something better together. :+1:

Hello Edgerunner, glad to be here!

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Welcome aboard, thank you for joining!

Hi, Edgerunner, I’m happy to be here!!

Welcome Lia, good to have you here :slight_smile:

Hi, I am just curious about this ligit game. This game quite cost a bit, so I haven’t tried yet. But I would like to hear about your game!!! I like combat flight action genre and astronomy. It seems interesting though…

Hey Lia!

Don’t buy it yet, I’m about to re-release it for free. :slight_smile:

Just doing some bug-fixing at the moment for some issues I’ve found before uploading it, I’ll keep you posted.

Hi, edgerunner

Ooh that is great news! I appreciate it. Once you have shifted, please let me know:)