Building HEXTERMINATE on Windows from source


This post will guide you through building HEXTERMINATE for Windows from source.

If you run into issues, please let me know!


You’ll need to download and install the following:

Cloning the repository

From the command line, type:

git clone --recurse-submodules

Alternatively, you can use GitHub Desktop to clone the repository.

Initializing vcpkg

Go to where you’ve cloned the repository to and run setup.bat. This will initialize vcpkg, a package manager which will be used to automatically download several libraries in the next stage.

Generating the Visual Studio solution

Open cmake-gui and click the Browse Source... button:

Select the directory you’ve cloned the repository to. Then, in the field Where to build the binaries, choose where the temporary build files should be. In my case, I use a build directory:

Once this is done, press the Configure button. If the build directory didn’t exist, you’ll be asked if you want to create it. Say Yes.

You’ll then be given a configuration window:


You can leave it as it is, and just press Finish.

Please note that the configuration step will take a substantial amount of time, as it downloads and builds several libraries which are necessary to build the engine and game.

When done, press the Generate button to create the Visual Studio solution.

Building the game

Once the Visual Studio solution has been generated, you can open it by clicking the Open Project button in CMake:

In Visual Studio, set the build type to Release and the build the solution. Once it finishes building, you’ll find the game binary in Game\bin\Hexterminate.exe.